Say No to Coal Energy Bailouts

American Electric Power want Ohioans to pay $117 million to keep obsolete coal plants open for years to come. Tell Govenor Kasich and state regulators that Ohioans deserve better. Add your name to our petition.

Subject: Case No. 13-2385 - Say No to AEP Coal Energy Bailouts
American Electric Power's proposal to charge Ohioans $117 million to extend the life of two aging coal plants would take Ohio in the wrong direction. I strongly urge you and the Public Utilities Commission to reject their proposal.

The Kyger Creek and Clifty Creek plants are well past their expiration dates and are responsible for unacceptable levels of pollution. Kyger Creek alone emitted more than 6.2 million metric tons of carbon pollution into the atmosphere in 2012 alone, according to Environmental Protection Agency figures. If these plants cannot compete on the open market, they should be shut down and replaced with cleaner cheaper options.

Instead of investing in polluting and obsolete sources of energy, I urge you and your commission to support energy efficiency and renewable energy sources that do not pollute our air and water. Energy efficiency in particular has been a boon for Ohio. Thanks to utility-run efficiency programs, Ohioans have saved more than 5 million megawatt-hours of electricity enough to power the cities of Cincinnati, Cleveland and Dayton for a year.

American Electric Power's proposal is a bad deal for Ohioans and the quality of Ohio's air and water. Please support clean energy and efficiency over obsolete and polluting power sources.